10 Tips to Making More Sales -- Not a Secret

Wed, Mar 30th 2011 4:51 pm by Liz Loadholt Real Estate Tips


I talk to a lot of agents and salespeople in general who are a little more than depressed about the current market. It's understandableanimated business man as frankly, times are hard for a lot of folks. But there are some tried & true methods that will bring you success in virtually any market and most of them are common sense.

10 - Make the call - I know how hard it can be sometimes to pick up that 20 pound phone and make the call. The last thing you want to hear is another no, but you have to reach out to people if you want new clients. So when you get a lead, use it, and make the call.

9 - Follow up - When you make the initial contact with someone, try to assess their needs and see how you can help. ...

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Distressed Properties: Discounts and Difficulties

Wed, Mar 30th 2011 1:36 pm by Liz Loadholt Market conditions

Reposted with permission. 

by THE KCM CREW on MARCH 25, 2011 ·  


Most buyers want to make sure they get a ‘good deal’ when they purchase something. Purchasers of real estate are no different. That is why many decide to buy a distressed property (a foreclosure or a short sale). The National Association of Realtors (NAR) last week reported foreclosures, on average, sell at a 22% discount and short sales at a 17% discount. It sounds like a pretty good decision to buy a property at those levels of discount.

However, the purchaser must realize that there are added obstacles in these type of transactions. Many foreclosures are left in less than pristin...

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Liza Loadholt Valero Feels Good

Fri, Mar 25th 2011 1:45 pm by Liz Loadholt Family

Finally, Liza is feeling good again -- she says it feels so good to feel good.

A couple of weeks ago, she ended up in the hospital for 4 days --- she had sores on her legs and arms -- turns out that she had a staff infection  and Pyroderma Gangrenosum which is an auto-immune disease -- an offshoot of the cancer and her treatments.

However, the great news is that the Doctors, after they figured out what was wrong, knew how to treat it. 

A special thanks to
Dr. Marta T. Hampton, MD - Dermatopathology & Dermatology .

Dr. Archibald A Hampton, MD - Infectious Disease Medicine ... 

Dr James Schnell MD - Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine ...

Dr Elizabeth Christian MD - Hematology / Oncol...

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Tips for Selecting Homeowners' Insurance

Fri, Mar 11th 2011 3:30 pm by Liz Loadholt Insurance

 5 Tips  

1. Get past the advertising fluff. When selling your home and buying a new one, your mailbox becomes a sieve of solicitations—and one of the front-line offenders are homeowners’ insurance companies. They’re often printed on pricey paper stock and feature florid writing poetically telling you how they can help you protect your home and all the prized possessions it contains, better than any other company can.  Just because a company has the advertising budget for big mailings, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. It’s quite possible that the homeowner might do just fine with a company that sends them a mailing—but they might do even better with another company that never ...

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Update on Liza Valero

Fri, Mar 4th 2011 2:57 pm by Liz Loadholt Family

Update on Liza Valero.

From this  Liza Loadholt Valero     to this in a few months                             Liza Valero

It's called "cancer"  --

This has definitely been a trip to remember for Liza and our family and it isn't over yet.

However, she had her last chemo treatment yesterday  --- Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She will start her radiation treatments in 3-4 weeks.

As soon as we can get her through this next week of pain, we are definitely going to celebrate ---

Please learn from Liza and others -- take care of yourself -- you women, please have regular mammograms -- --and if you should end up with cancer, please seriously consider a double mastectomy -- it could save your life.

For some, it is hard to imag...

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