What about the Exam?

All About the Exam

As a condition of licensure, an applicant shall submit to an examination which must be conducted by the Department or a designated test provider at a time and place specified by the Department.

1. The applicant must receive a passing grade on the examination, in accordance with a cut-score determination established by the Department.

2. An applicant who fails an examination may be reexamined within the six-month period following initial examination. If an applicant passes one part of a two-part examination and fails the other, the applicant may be reexamined on the failed portion within the succeeding six-month period.

3. An applicant who passes the examination must apply for a license within one year, or the applicant must reapply for and retake the examination.

4. An individual who, at the time of application, holds a real estate license in another state or jurisdiction or whose real estate license in another state or jurisdiction expired not more than six months before application is required to pass only the state portion of the examination to qualify for licensure.

5. The Department or test provider is authorized to collect and retain reasonable examination fees. An applicant for an examination to be conducted by a test provider shall pay the fee directly to the test provider.

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