Can You Buy A House During COVID-19?

Mon, Aug 31st 2020 12:34 pm by Liz Loadholt Market conditions

Can You Buy A House During COVID-19?

Buying or selling a home during the COVID-19 pandemic is not for the faint of heart, but yes, it is definitely possible.         Selling a home during COVID

Here are some aggravating things about buying during the pandemic:

  1.  It is difficult to actually tour the home -- this is probably the most aggravating one.
    1. Homeowners don’t want strangers in their home and buyers don’t want to go into places they don’t know.
  2. Typically, Realtors don’t want the buyers to ride in the same car with them, so the buyers miss the opportunity to discuss the previous home seen with their REALTOR.
  3. It is critical to get a very detailed virtual tour of the home if the buyer cannot actu...

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Why do I have to indicate the source of the downpayment on a house?

Tue, Aug 11th 2020 4:42 pm by Liz Loadholt Real Estate Tips

Why do I have to indicate the source of the downpayment on a house?

One might ask why do I have to indicate the source of my down payment money when I am purchasing a home. When applying for a mortgage to purchase a home, the lender will need to know the sources of the down payment, closing costs, earnest money, and often times reserves. You will need to be transparent. Down payment assistance paperwork

  1. If you receive money from a family member and put it in your bank account a month before applying for a loan, you might think there will be no issue because the money will already be in your bank account -- wrong.
  2. The lender will require you to document the source of that money.
    1.  If it came from a family member,...

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Why a Final Walk-through?

Sat, Aug 8th 2020 12:27 pm by Liz Loadholt Real Estate Tips

Why a Final Walk-through?

Walk-through inspection    What is the final walk-through? 

It is the time before the closing for the new buyers to walk through their new home with their REALTOR to be sure everything is the way it is supposed to be.

If repairs were Requested

If there were repairs to be completed on the home, those repairs should be checked out by the same home inspector who did the original inspection on the home. This will typically be done days before the closing. Then the morning of the closing, the buyers and their REALTOR should walk through the home. If at all possible, they should go on the day of the closing. If they go the day before and the house is empty, all kinds of things could...

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I am Grateful

Fri, Jul 24th 2020 10:24 am by Liz Loadholt Inspirational

I am Grateful

The definition of gratitude is a feeling of being thankful and appreciative. Mama Liz expresses her list of things for which she is grateful.

This is so powerful -- the law of the universe -- the law of attraction -- what goes around comes around. 

If you have not read The Secret, I highly recommend it.

Mama Liz Loadholt

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Know Which Home Repairs to Request After Inspection

Thu, Jul 23rd 2020 3:35 pm by Liz Loadholt agent owner

Know Which Home Repairs to Request After Inspection

For this discussion, I am referencing The SC of Association of Realtors’ contract form SCR310. Once a buyer has had a home inspection, he/she should sit down with their REALTOR and go through the report thoroughly. With the guidance of the REALTOR, they will Know Which Home Repairs to Request After Inspection.

Do not askNow it depends on what type of Repair contract the buyer has ratified as to the type of repairs a buyer may ask request. Was it Repair Procedure, Due Diligence, or AS-IS?

Repair Procedure Contract --  A  Repair Procedure Contract limits the items that a buyer can request.

You may ask for:

  • To place the heating systems, ai...

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15 Questions for New Agents to ask a Broker before joining their Office

Sun, Jul 19th 2020 4:11 pm by Liz Loadholt Real Estate Tips

15 Questions for New Agents to ask a Broker before joining their Office

Once one has gone through the real estate school and passed their state and national exams, they are faced with the big question.  Where do I hang my license? Although you are really working for yourself, a real estate agent must work on behalf of a real estate broker. This decision could affect the direction of your career either positively or negatively.

There are many factors to consider when selecting your future home in real estate.

  1. What type of training does the company have for new agents?
  2. What kind of on-going training does the company have?
  3. What is the culture of the office?
  4. What type of marketing doe...

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Charleston SC Real Estate 7/10/20-7/16/2020

Fri, Jul 17th 2020 9:44 am by Liz Loadholt Market conditions

Analysis of Charelston SC residential properties going under contract(contingent) during the week of 7/10/20-7/16/20

502 residential properties under contract past wk. Tremendous!!                       Charleston SC area

395 single family homes under contract past wk. Median LIST price $330k,$165/sqft. 3 under $100k. 32 over $1M, 12 of those over $2M, 4 of those over $3M. Median 16 CDOM. Median Yr Blt 2003

2(1%) of 347 single family homes under contract past wk BANK OWNED FORECLOSURES or SHORT SALES.  Another 9% new construction.  0 of 2 short sales in areas 31/32, 61-76

60 island single family homes under contract past wk. James-12, Folly-5($268k,$400k,$665k,$845k,$1.45M), Johns-10, Wadmalaw-4($2...

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Impact of Covid-19 on Real Estate in Charleston SC

Tue, Jul 14th 2020 11:14 am by Liz Loadholt Market conditions

 Impact of Covid-19 on Real Estate in Charleston SC

Covid-19 has definitely had an effect on real estate.

 The inventory of homes for sale in the Charleston SC market was low for the area before COVID. However, now it is extremely low and it keeps going down. In 2006 there were roughly 10,000 homes in inventory and today, July of 2020, there are less than 4,000. All of the decreases are not because of COVID but have certainly contributed to it. Also, due to COVID-19, the buyer sales are off -- just not so much.  

Sellers have benefited from COVID.

Due to the low inventory, sellers have been able to sell their homes for more money than they would have before. Also, homes typically se...

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Five Reasons for Daily Walks

Wed, Jul 1st 2020 9:56 am by Liz Loadholt Recommendations of Mama Liz

Daily Walks

Daily walks are important for everyone.   This is something that I have intended to do for a long time.  But it took the COVID-19 to get me out of the house.

It just happens that I prefer the morning for my daily walks. I have read articles that say one shouldn't take the phone with them on their walks.  However, I do take my phone -- two reasons -- 1) to measure my steps to be sure that I walk that mile and 2) just in case one of my agents really needs to talk with me about a contract issue or my family needs me. My phone does not distract me from relaxing -- it kinda keeps me more relaxed knowing that if someone needs me, I will be there for them. 

1) Walking is fr...

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Why is a Broker-in-charge Important to Agents?

Mon, Jun 29th 2020 4:51 pm by Liz Loadholt Real Estate Tips

The broker-in-charge is key to the success of a real estate office. The characteristics of a good broker-in-charge are:

  1. Sincere
  2. Honest
  3. Caring
  4. Dependable
  5. Knowledgeable
  6. Excellent Negotiator
  7. Excellent Closer
  8. Positive -- upbeat
  9. Available 24-7 for his/her agents
  10. Coach   Broker-in-charge

Things that you don't want to hear from your Broker-in-charge

  1. Sorry, I can't talk to you until I finish what I am doing.
  2. Don't call me after 6:00 pm --- problems come up after 6:00 pm
  3. Don't call me  before 9:00 am --- problems come up before 9:00 am
  4. The new contract form is so confusing - I don't understand it at all.
  5. I don't know -- when you have asked a very simple question that any knowledgeable Broker...

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2nd Sunday on King Street - Charleston, SC

Sun, Mar 10th 2013 4:05 pm by This and That

2nd Sunday on King Street - Charleston, SC

What a gorgeous day to be living in Mt Pleasant SC with beautiful city of Charleston SC next door!!   photo of Eliza and Marissa on 2nd Sunday on King Street

King Street has been hailed as one of the best shopping spots in America according to U.S. News and World Report     Every 2nd Sunday, King Street is blocked off and only foot  traffic is allowed --- photo of crowd on 2nd Sunday
A lot of shops put their wares on the street.  There are musicians touting their expertise.  Restaurants bring their tables out to the street --- people bring their children and dogs --- my goodness, so many dogs -- all kinds of dogs.

I believe that Charleston’s mayor puts it best: “This is a great opportunity to stroll and take your time visiting wi...

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Mt Pleasant SC Real Estate Market is booming

Sat, Mar 9th 2013 3:05 pm by Market conditions

Here is a short description of a real estate managing broker's Saturday at AgentOwned Realty.

The real estate market in Charleston MLS is soaring --- Yeah!!!!!!!

I have been in the Mt Pleasant office today since about 11:00 am -- it is now 2:30 pm--the traffic coming and going through the office is incredible. Watching real estate agents meeting clients, writing offers, renting property has all been so much fun to watch.

photo of Susan Bryant

Susan Bryant has met 2 different couples today --- writing offers for both couples.


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What real estate agents are saying about Mama Liz

Sat, Mar 9th 2013 1:57 pm by Recommendations of Mama Liz

photo of Celina Gleason   " Dont be fooled by the laid-back sound of her title "Mama Liz." Although she loves and looks out for her agents (I'm a witness of that), she's as fierce a competitor, business woman and Broker-In-Charge as they come! I have never known a more dedicated professional and compassionate lover-of-life as Liz. It is truly an honor to be an Associate Broker under her watch."   --- Celina Gleason, Real Estate Broker Associate in Manning, SC

photo of Mike Terry   " Liz, is hands down the best real estate broker-in-charge that I have ever meet. She not only looks after the best interest of the company but the agent as well. Life at AgentOwned Realty is like a big happy family!"--- Mike Terry, Real Estate Sal...

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My Wonderful Mommy by Eliza Valero

Fri, Oct 19th 2012 4:23 pm by Family

Below is a guest post written by my 9 year old granddaughter, Eliza ---  I gave thought to typing it for her, but then I decided it was more special in her handwriting.

Of course, there are a few misspelled words, but I think you can make out those words. I am very proud of Eliza.

Mama Liz signature with pink ribbon in middle

handwritten story about her Mom by Eliza Valero

a stick drawing by Eliza Valero of she and her Mom, Liza

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Plight of a Low-country Girl

Mon, Oct 1st 2012 4:00 pm by Deep Water

 Plight of a low country girl.

Having been brought up in the low country, this lady had always been around water -- water for entertainment purposes, that is.

Got married and moved away --- recently came back --- when looking for her new home, this lady gave her Realtor the following requirements:

  1. to be on the water -- deep, deep water
  2. preferably on the Wando River
  3. a dock with water and electricity
  4. to be able to crab & fish from my dock
  5. a boat lift to lift a 7000 lb boat
  6. grand oak trees
  7. at least 2600 sq ft of living space
  8. 2 fireplaces
  9. a shower on ground level
  10. 2 story southern style home
  11. gated community
  12. cannot go over $600,000

Now her Realtor thought she was crazy -- tha...

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Get a Survey Before You Close on a Property.

Mon, Sep 10th 2012 2:52 pm by Where in Mt Pleasant SC

Do you need a survey before you close on a new home ?

A lot of closing attorneys ( in SC,the law requires that an attorney close the purchase) will tell you that if the current seller has a survey, you don't need to spend the money on getting a new one.

photo of a surveyor in front of a house My theory is one should always get a new survey.

 Example #1
 The couple purchased a modular home that had a shed in the back yard.  Their Realtor suggested that they get a new survey--the lender  did require one and the attorney did not advise them to get a new one.

The husband makes wooden sculptures which he sells to supplement their income so the  shed was important.  The listing Realtor had shown them the property line which was a goo...

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Why should you do a walk-through prior to closing?

Sun, May 27th 2012 2:45 pm by Real Estate Tips

Why should you do a walk-through prior to closing?

photo of a home You have a contract of sale to purchase your dream home.  Your Realtor mentions something to   you about doing a walk-through prior to closing.  You are thinking -- why do I need to do that?  I love the home and really don’t have the time.

Let’s assume that your contract calls for the home to be empty and ready for your occupancy immediately after closing.  

You should be sure that the utilities are left on or  you should have them already turned on in your name.  You should not attempt a walk-through without having electricity and water on at the home.

What is a walk-through?  You simply walk through the home with your Realtor to be sur...

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Can a contract of sale be ratified by email?

Wed, May 9th 2012 1:15 pm by Real Estate Tips


Can a contract of sale be ratified by email?

photo of cover sheet for 3 D's course
This past week I taught a continuing education class on  the 3D’s of Real Estate - Disclosures, Duties & Diligence.

When we were talking about the Diligence, there was discussion about contracts.
During the discussion, we addressed several issues that are common pitfalls of agents when completing the contract form and in getting an offer ratified.

In my discussions, I stressed the importance of real estate professionals being careful, when completing the contract form, not to practice law.  

Also, I made the statement that when putting contingencies, one must be careful to use words that indicate what the situation really is.  For example,

a b...

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Joe Eddleman -- The Realtor

Sat, Apr 28th 2012 3:04 pm by agent owner

Joe Eddleman

photo of Joe Eddleman   Joe Eddleman --how do I go about writing about this most unusual gentleman.

   This is a gentleman who was loved by so many -- I just feel as though I need to write a post about him  so that others could know him and know how much he was cared for.

   I will apologize right now -- normally, my posts are short and this one is long -- but then that is appropriate since the post will be like our friend, Joe -- wordy.

   In November 1999 Joe Eddleman came to my office and we sat in the small conference room discussing the benefits of AgentOwned Realty --- it was a long meeting mostly because Joe loved to talk.  When he came in, he told me that he had pretty much made of his mind...

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Listing Agents Need to Be Careful

Tue, Apr 24th 2012 3:49 pm by Real Estate Tips

Listings Agents Need to Be Careful

MLS logo   Just recently, I saw a MLS printout of a listing which had tons of misinformation.

   Listing agents, I am speaking to you. Buyer agents have a right to be able to depend on the information that you put into the MLS.

OK, I do understand that it is also the buyer’s agent’s responsibility to check things out, but come on, we should be able to depend that our MLS has the correct information.

I’m speaking about the # of bedrooms -- this was one item -- listing said that there were 5 bedrooms, but there are only 4.  In order to be counted as a bedroom, there must be a closet.

The MLS says that the home has a game room & a media room -- but there is only one o...

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