15 Questions for New Agents to ask a Broker before joining their Office

Posted By Liz Loadholt @ Jul 19th 2020 4:11pm In: Real Estate Tips

15 Questions for New Agents to ask a Broker before joining their Office

Once one has gone through the real estate school and passed their state and national exams, they are faced with the big question.  Where do I hang my license? Although you are really working for yourself, a real estate agent must work on behalf of a real estate broker. This decision could affect the direction of your career either positively or negatively.

There are many factors to consider when selecting your future home in real estate.

  1. What type of training does the company have for new agents?
  2. What kind of on-going training does the company have?
  3. What is the culture of the office?
  4. What type of marketing does the broker provide its agents?
  5. Does the broker have technology support for their agents?
  6. Is there clerical support?
  7. What is the reputation of the brokerage and the broker-in-charge?
  8. What is the social media presence of the brokerage?
  9. Does the brokerage offer leads for their agents?
  10. Does the brokerage offer opportunity time?
  11. How much experience does the broker-in-charge have?
  12. How available is the broker-in-charge?
  13. Does the broker-in-charge compete with their agents by listing and selling?
  14. What is required for their agents?
  15. What is the commission split?

 Real Estate Office    Where is the office located? Is it visible to the public?  It is always a good idea to speak to some of the agents who already have their licenses hanging in that brokerage. You want to get a feeling of how they welcome new agents to the business.  In some offices, you will find that the agents prefer not to have agents who are new to the business.

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