Baby Great Horned Own Falls From Nest

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Sunday was quite an exciting day at the Loadholt/Valero home -- 

Early Sunday morning, Wilson Antley & Art Valero  started investigating what was driving the dogs crazy.  They found a baby Great Horned Owl on the ground under a tree -- 

Luckily, the dogs could get to him because of a hot wire that keeps them in our yard.  

Wilson & Art scooped the owl up, put him in a box and took him to The Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw, SC.

In the afternoon, Isaac Green, a volunteer with the Birds of Prey center called Art to let him know that the owl was OK and that yes, it was a Great Horned Owl who had not learned to fly.  Isaac said that he was bringing the Owl back to our property to release him. Isaac felt that his parents would be close by.

Isaac Green holding a baby Great Horned Owl


When Isaac brought the owl back to our property, he gently removed the owl from the transportation box.  Isaac then begin to give our family a lesson on the owl -- showed us his wings and why he was just learning to fly.  Isaac also taught us about how the owls make a nest.  Actually, they do not make a nest -- they use someone else's nest.

Eliza, our 7 year old granddaughter, was in awe as were all of us, really.



Baby Great Horned Owl in a tree on the Loadholt property

Isaac placed the owl in a tree far away from where the dogs could get to him -- we watched him for a few minutes -- he looked at us with great curiosity  -- he made noises with his large beak -- 

As soon as we backed way away, we could see the owl climbing higher in the tree.  Isaac told us that he would probably find his Mother last night after it got dark.

Boyd & I have heard an owl many mornings before daybreak -- so, we knew that we had at least one owl on the property.  We had no idea that we had nest on the property much less a baby.

The Loadholts and the Valeros want to thank Isaac Green for his devotion to Birds of Prey. 


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