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           For the sportsman, looking into the real estate market for properties near the Wando River should be a serious consideration. Along with aesthetic appeal, the Wando River is an excellent destination for any fisherman. Crabbing, shrimping, and of course general boating are also great along the Wando River.

            The fish a fisherman should most expect are brim, trout, large mouth bass, and sheephead. The marshy sections ofthe river are acceptable for fishing with grubs while trolling along the canals of the river is a particularly lucrative way of catching fish. Because the river is brackish in some areas, sea fish can also occasionally be caught in the river. The fertility of the river and the surrounding area ensures fishermen will always have many fish to catch from.

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Crabbing and shrimping are also great for the Wando River. Blue crabs and stone crabs can be caught during the entire year, and shrimp during their season. The brackish waters in the Wando River can host large crowds of shrimp making catches during the season lucrative. Any shrimper, from the most experienced to the novice, will enjoy shrimping season on the Wando River.



          The Wando River gets its name from the Wando tribe, a Cusabo tribe that like its relatives was wiped out when Europeans settled the area in the 1600s. These tribes actually had a violet existence with the first settlers of Charleston, who engaged in small battles with them from time to time. By the 1700s, however, the Wando and other Cusabo peoples were absorbed into more powerful tribes like the Creek and the Catawba.

            The Wando River is in close proximity to the Charleston harbor, which gives it close and easy access to the most important river in the Charleston area, the Cooper River. Because of this access, anyone living on the Wando River can easily boat from his or her home to the Charleston harbor in a short amount of time. This close proximity is one of the major draws of the Wando River.

          The Cooper River, which the Wando River feeds into, has even more fishing opportunities. Being nearly completely salt water, the Cooper River harbors many of the saltwater fish that frequent the South Carolina coast along with porpoises, dolphins, and even manatees. Easily accessible from the Cooper River are such popular boat destinations as Shem Creek.

            The Wando River real estate market also offers a general exurban residence, which gives convenient access to the services of society while also being far enough to enjoy the beauty of nature. Being close to Francis Marion Forest, the hunter will have an easy time finding a good hunting ground if he or she buys a property in this area.

           One of the favorite sayings of Charlestonians is "The Cooper River and the Wando River come together to form the Atlantic Ocean".


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