Christmas in May?

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Why would I say such a thing as "Christmas in May?"?  Well, I have this beautiful  poinsettia  that is still beautiful --- it was purchased in December 2010 -- 


                                           Poinsetttia plant

and this photo was taken May 23, 2011 ---- WOW -- it just does not want to die --- it even has new growth.


According to Aggie Horticulture the way to keep a poinsettia blooming for a longer time one needs to:"Check your poinsettia daily and follow these tips. Water your poinsettia frequently but don't drown it. Keep the plant out of drafts, hot or cold. Place the plant in good light inside the house. And finally, after blooming, discard or begin preparing the plant to bloom again next year."

photo of a dead plant

Personally every plant I get for my home seems to die -- either I put too much water or not enough. I put them in the dark when they need light and in the light when they need dark -- I'm just not a "plant person".

So, you can imagine the surprise that I have that my poinsettia is still blooming and even has new growth.

Some of you who know me know that my hubby, Boyd, is quite good with plants -- but no, he is not the one keeping this beautiful plant not only alive, but healthy.

I do have a confession -- it is not me who is keeping this plant looking so beautiful -- it is Virginia (our household manager) -- she obviously has found the perfect spot -- just enough light, out of drafts and in good light -- she also obviously waters it correctly.

As Aggie Horticulture says "after blooming, discard or begin preparing for next year" -- well, the way this plant is going, it will probably still be this beautiful in December and again, it can decorate our home.

Here's hoping anyway --


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