Happy Birthday, Mama Liz

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Happy Birthday to me -- I am having the most wonderful, wonderful day.

My day thus far:

Mugshot of Mama Liz Loadholt


  • got the best present from Boyd -- new golf cart seats and a golf cart detailing -- was so thrilled
  • ate buttered toast for breakfast (haven't had this in 6 mos -- due to WW)
  • ate 2 of Linda's homemade cookies for a snack (haven't had any of these for 6 mos either)
  • took my mugshot, of course
  • for lunch, ate my most favorite salad in the whole world (apple pecan salad at Wendys)
  • am getting ready to get myself an ice cream cone (haven't had that in 6 mos either)
  • for dinner, I am having Pizza with my wonderful, wonderful family --(yep, haven't had that in 6 mos either, Pizza, that is)
  • played with new Google+ 
  • thanked all of my wonderful FB friends for their birthday wishes
  • when I went to search Google for something, this is what appeared:


computer screen shot of Happy Birthday Mama Liz from Google














WOW -- what a day -- doesn't get any better -- best 71st birthday ever.


Then on top of all of this, Ed Ball (one of our agent-owners in my Johnnie Dodds office) wrote a poem for me yesterday:

"What is so great about July 8th?

Why it is the day before an important date.

July 9 is special as the birthday of Liz,

And believe it or not, that is the way it is.


An owner and Broker in charge like no other,

There is just no situation that she does not cover.

You always get a cheery greeting and smile.

It would be no better even if you were her child.


So, Happy Birthday Liz, and may there be many more,

Take the day off, play and go to the shore.

Boyd is one lucky guy and I know he is aware,

Now tear this up and lean back in your chair."  Ed Ball


I love life.

Mama Liz Signature with pink ribbon in middle





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Debe Maxwell says...
on 07/10/11

Hi Mama Liz!

I love this post! Glad to hear that you had a fabulous 71st--you're so deserving of everything good in life!


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