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Joe Eddleman

photo of Joe Eddleman   Joe Eddleman --how do I go about writing about this most unusual gentleman.

   This is a gentleman who was loved by so many -- I just feel as though I need to write a post about him  so that others could know him and know how much he was cared for.

   I will apologize right now -- normally, my posts are short and this one is long -- but then that is appropriate since the post will be like our friend, Joe -- wordy.

   In November 1999 Joe Eddleman came to my office and we sat in the small conference room discussing the benefits of AgentOwned Realty --- it was a long meeting mostly because Joe loved to talk.  When he came in, he told me that he had pretty much made of his mind to go with another real estate company, but wanted to hear about AgentOwned.

When he left that meeting, I knew that AgentOwned would be proud to have him as one of our agent-owners.  At the end of that meeting, he warned me that he really likes to talk and that sometimes talks too much.

Nov 8, 1999 Joe transferred his real estate license to our office -- anyone who really got to know him loved him -- we (all of the agent-owners) photo of Joe Eddleman with his agent freindsloved the fact:

  • that he talked too much
  • that he loved to argue
  • that he was honest to the core
  • that he would tell you the truth, even when it hurt
  • that he was so knowledgeable
  • that he was so willing to share his knowledge and his skills
  • that he was so caring
  • that he would do anything for his friends as well as those he did not know
  • that he had great FBI stories (yes, he retired from the FBI)

I loved all of the above plus:

  • he was an attorney and available to assist me
  • he loved to tease me about transferring to another real estate company
  • his office was directly across from the conference room where the management meetings were held --he loved to have his door open so that he could hear what was being discussed and if anything interested him, he would just pop in the meeting and share his opinion
  • when I would have an appointment with a prospective new agent, I would always go by Joe’s office and introduce Joe -- that is, if the potential agent was not in a hurry (because Joe was such a talker) -- and Joe was so wonderful about telling why he came to AgentOwned and why he stays
  • he would pop into my office and say “I need to run this past you -- I know the correct answer, but want to see if you agree” -- he was very confident and usually correct.
  • he had awesome web sites -- yes, that is correct sites -- he loved working on those web sites -- he was so proud of his videos and his photos
  • he was the most professional, honest & trustworthy real estate professional
  • he was a great mentor to so many of our agent-owners
  • even though he was only able to work 10 months in 2012, he made the Realtor of Distinction with the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors for 2012.

Joe worked 7 days a week --- he went to church on Sunday mornings, but usually in the office in the afternoon.

As a matter of fact, Joe & I would both be in the office 7 days a week -- if Joe was not here, I would call to check on him and if I were not here, he would check on me.

Joe had his first heart attack here at the office on a Saturday evening in 2010 & drove himself to the ER -- Joe worked into the evenings at the office  -- I called it quits usually early on weekends  -- so Joe was at the office by himself.

It turns out that this led to heart bypass surgery in 2010 -- he worked very hard to get his strength back after his surgery and was back full time at work.

Then, the first week of November 2011, he was having trouble breathing -- this ended up with his having to have a leaking heart valve repaired -- the surgery did not go well -- lasted 13 hours -- Joe never really got over that surgery -- he was in and out of ICU, but remained hospitalized until his death -- he was on a respirator from his surgery until his death.

For a man who loved to talk so much, this was extremely difficult -- with a respirator, of course he could not talk --  for 5 months, he could not utter a word.

Joe passed away peacefully on Saturday, March 24, 2012 in the hospital, but with his wife and daughters with him.
photo of Joe Eddleman's empty office

Today, his family came and cleaned out Joe’s office -- quite a sad day for all of us. Somehow, it felt as if the office was not disturbed, Joe would one day be sitting in there again.  It is just so final --having that office cleaned out.  

Joe loved his office -- the office across the hall where the management meetings and next door to Boyd Loadholt (President of AgentOwned Realty)  -- Boyd enjoyed Joe as much as the rest of us -- Boyd really enjoyed having Joe eavesdropping and popping in to share his opinion.

Joe, you are not an easy man to forget -- so don’t you worry, we won’t forget you --it just doesn’t seem fair that you have been taken away -- I do believe that everything happens for a reason -- sometimes, it is just difficult to see the reason.

Rest in peace, Joe.  We all love you.

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Liz Loadholt says...
on 06/01/12

I'm sorry, but am not sure which "Kim" you are -- please let me know -- at any rate, I do appreciate your nice comments.

Liz Loadholt says...
on 06/01/12

I'm sorry, but am not sure which "Kim" you are -- please let me know -- at any rate, I do appreciate your nice comments.

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