Listing Agents Need to Be Careful

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Listings Agents Need to Be Careful

MLS logo   Just recently, I saw a MLS printout of a listing which had tons of misinformation.

   Listing agents, I am speaking to you. Buyer agents have a right to be able to depend on the information that you put into the MLS.

OK, I do understand that it is also the buyer’s agent’s responsibility to check things out, but come on, we should be able to depend that our MLS has the correct information.

I’m speaking about the # of bedrooms -- this was one item -- listing said that there were 5 bedrooms, but there are only 4.  In order to be counted as a bedroom, there must be a closet.

The MLS says that the home has a game room & a media room -- but there is only one of those -- there is a room over the garage that could serve as one, but not both.

Do you think that the listing agent was counting the FROG (finished room over the garage) as a 5th bedroom, a game room and a media room?  Wow, the room certainly was not that large --- + there was no closet in the FROG.

MLS also says that the POA  fees are $-------- and goes on to say that the amenities that are offered include swimming, tennis, a club house, etc. --- well, inrotating WOW word doing research, my agent  discovered that if one wants the swimming, tennis and club house privileges, they must pay extra -- they are not included in the advertised POA fees.

This very poorly written MLS agreement would lead me to believe that the listing agent had not even been in the home --- want to bet that the square footage is probably wrong, also?

Listing agents are paid big bucks to represent the seller and put their home in the best light --- guess no one told this particular listing agent.

Am just saying --- listing agents can make our profession look really great or make us look really bad.

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Clara Hahn says...
on 04/26/12

One more overlooked item. Listing Agent has ratified contract subject to Home Inspection, puts it in MLS as contingent which is fine. But puts a "sold" sign on the property. Dissservice to his seller as passersby that are physically looking in an area will not bother to check on this. If his contract does not go thru, his seller has lost value exposure time. Actually against rules as property is supposed to be shown until closed, even while under contract. (PS when agent was questioned He said "what's the difference" and that from an agent that supposedly has 100 listings. Not one of ours, of course.

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