Live in St Thomas Point in SC -- want to hunt --want to fish?

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For those wanting to take part in the real estate business around Francis Marion National forest, hunting can be a fruitful activity with the great variety of game abounding in the natural park.

photo of a white tailed deer



  The forest is very large and offer all of the game that a seasoned hunter enjoys. When in season, whitetail deer, turkeys, quail, and scads of small game are all available for the hunt.


Coupled with the impressive diversity of game in the forest, the aesthetic appeal of the area is immediately made obvious. The forest has environments ranging from broadleaf and pine forests to rocky waterfalls to cypress swamps that support not only hunters but also those with a penchant for fishing.

photo of a wide mouthed bass

 The abundance of different types of fish is excellent for an angler – largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout, catfish, and others can all be found in plentitude and offer a challenge for both novice and seasoned fishermen.



The park has a variety of services for hunters and welcome their presence within their park. It has numerous hunting grounds and camps that can easily be inquired into by going to their website - Francis Marion Forest. The park also offers a bevy of other services like biking, camping, nature trails, and horseback riding.

So, if one is looking to join in the South Carolina real estate market and is looking for a home in the area, any hunter, fisher, or simply nature lover will be very pleased with their choice and can easily enjoy the great range of services offered by the park and the park service in general.



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Thanks, Boyd -- I agree --

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on 06/12/11

That is a very nice asset for an outdoors-man!

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