Presenting a List of Requested Repairs for a Contract

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Correct way to Present List of Requested Repairs

There are always at least 2 ways to do things -- the correct professional way and the slack way.

   Buyephoto of a home inspectorr A has a ratified contract on Seller B’s property. Buyer A has managed to get a “real deal” on the property.
   Buyer A is represented by Agent A and Seller B is represented by Agent B.

   The ratified contract is contingent upon home inspection being satisfactory to the Buyer A.

   Buyer A hires a home inspector who does a very thorough job of the inspection -- his report is full of repair items -- most of the repair items are insignificant -- things like a cracked switch plate, etc.

   Agent A then submits to Agent B the home inspection report and says “Fix everything on the report”.

   The home is 15 years old, so there are going to be some small items -- any buyer should expect this.

   In my opinion as a broker-in-charge, giving a home inspection report and saying “Fix everything on the report” is most unprofessional and says that Agent A is taking the lazy way of Realtor explaining contract to clients

   Agent A who is representing Buyer A should go over the report with Buyer A and they should make a list of the items that the Buyer A really needs to have repaired.  
   Then this list of items should be presented to Agent B who will then present to Seller B.  Seller B is much more likely to try and handle all on the list if presented in this fashion.


  I’m just saying ---- let’s be professional and do our job.

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