Radiation Treatment - Piece of Cake?

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Is radiation treatment really just a piece of cake?

Well, quite a few well wishers informed our daughter, Liza, and our family that radiation treatment for her breast cancer wouldlady going thru radiation treatment be a ‘piece of cake’.

Since Liza had undergone chemo, we were looking for some relief. We all wanted so much to believe that she would not have to undergo anymore pain.

So, we believed them and she went into her radiation treatment with high expectations of no pain, no nausea,no feeling drug out.

Being the optimistic family that we are, we were so thrilled that her misery was behind her.

Well, I guess radiation on different parts of the body act differently and also, I guess that there are probably different “doses” of radiation.

The first couple of weeks (she is getting a treatment 5 days a week) went well and we were so pleased for her.

photo showing burns from radiationFast forward to week 3 -- bad burns, no energy, aching legs, arms, etc.  Then, she must continue to receive those treatments knowing that things were just going to get worse with each one.

You just have to keep telling yourself that we are lucky to be able to receive these treatments to kill those cancer cells who maybe running around.

The worse part is under the arm -- burned so badly -- ouch!!!!!

Her total radiation treatment consists of 33 treatments. -- the awesome news is that as of this past Friday, she has received her last treatment under her arm -- now just 5 more on the chest area which is burned, but she says does not hurt like the under the arm.

On Friday, May 20th, she gets to “ring the bell” to signify that she is through, done, finis, completed, etc. -- the entire family will be there with her for this awesome occasion.



a gold bell with wooden handle


Anyone like to ring a bell for Liza?  Ring it at 1:30 pm on Friday, May 21, 2011.




cake with a slice cut out
Now, is it a piece of cake?  Depends on who you ask and how long ago they have been through it -- maybe,  it is like having a baby -- when it is over, you tend to forget the pain.



Just want to say to the world that Boyd, Claude & I are so very proud of her -- her attitude, her determination and her courage.


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Kim says...
on 05/16/11

Liz, Liza and Family,

So glad the radiation is over Friday and Liza can ring the bell. I know this has been so tough on your family, but it has proven what a tough family you are!

Hugs to all,

Liz Loadholt says...
on 05/16/11

Thanks, Kim -- looks like we can really see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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