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Date: Sun, Aug 28th 2011 2:47 pm

This post written on Saturday August 27, 2011.


What a beautiful day to be alive! photoof view from porch of Mama Liz

As I sit on my porch, I begin to ponder.  Boyd is inside watching golf and I'm sitting out here with nature. I'm pondering what is about this porch this intrigues me.

There is a nice warm breeze and I have such a peaceful beautiful view.

Our porch is elevated -- this makes my view even better and the breezes better.

photo - view from porch of Wilson walking in back yard

There is a lake that touches our back yard -- I can see the water thru the branches of gorgeous oak trees, many of which Boyd have planted.

I can also see my grandson, Wilson, taking one of his many walks around the property.

The tree branches swaying gently in the breeze makes for such a relaxing feeling.


In my view as I look towards the lake are 2 bird houses -- bird sitting on the top and another bird flying in and out.

We have hundreds of birds on our property -- it is indeed a bird's paradise. Have all types from the small hummingbird to eagles who stop in for frequent visits. You will always hear birds singing. A beautiful red bird just touched down on the banister.

Also, we have 2 horses -- can't see them from where I'm sitting, but I can hear therm -- neighing & running in the pasture.

There are 6 dogs and 2 cats --- as of now, I don't see or hear any of the dogs or the cats, but at any time one could stroll by.

Grandchildren live next door, so I can hear them laughing as they play with their friends -- I hear the basketball bouncing on the court as Owen, grandson, is playing basketball.

My porch is a place where I:

  • can be quiet -- photo of Mama Liz and granddaughter, Eliza on porch at Easter time
  • can be calm --
  • can feel at peace with God and the universe --
  • can have private meaningful conversations with Boyd
  • can enjoy Eliza ,granddaughter, (grandsons have gotten older and don't visit me on the porch much anymore)
  • can enjoy Claude's (son) visits
  • can enjoy Liza (daughter) & Art's (son-in-law) visits
  • can enjoy best friends as we sit and sip wine while enjoying each others' company
  • can sit with Ann Loadholt for hours and never get tired


When the world is crazy and hectic, my porch is not. I truly love my porch and am appreciative that Boyd built it for us. This is where I can be me.

photo of the words "wonderful, wonderful"




My porch is truly wonderful, wonderful!




Love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!


photo of Mama Liz signature with pink ribbon in middle