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SC Safe Home Discounts Are For Real

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Date: Fri, Jul 15th 2011 4:49 pm

Several posts have already been written on the SC Safe Home program:

SC Safe Homes -- Do You Know About This

SC Safe Homes -- A secret

Homeowner's Insurance Discounts up to 25%


Now, we are seeing quite a few of our customers/clients/friends get their rebate checks from their insurance company.

This is so exciting:

Liza & Art Valero received a rebate check for $5,419

Ralph & Teri Wetherell received a rebate check for $1350

Boyd Loadholt has received a rebate check for $715 for a commercial building

Claude Loadholt has received a rebate check for $796.00

Pamela Witt Smith has received a rebate check for $1510

We are so please to see all these discount rebate checks coming back to our clients/customers/friends.

Have you checked on your property yet?  This SC Safe Home Act not only covers homes, but investment properties, town homes, & commerical properties as well.

Check out SC Safe Properties.

Call 1-800-919-2427   or  843-725-5003  or


photoof home with a hip roof


Remember that if you have a hip roof, you will most likely qualify for some sort of discount --

A hip roof means a roof on all 4 sides.





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