SC Safe Homes -- a secret?

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SC Safe Homes is a mystery to most homeowners and business owners in South Carolina.

It is amazing to me that so few people seem to know anything about this ability to save money on their homeowners or commercial insurance.

Just recently, we were able to save a homeowner over $6,000 on their homeowners insurance----what?    “You are kidding, right” is the answer that I get when someone listens to me.
No, I am not kidding.  The SC safe home inspection was completed by a SC Safe Home Inspector and the home was found to qualify for the highest discount -- 25%.

So, that homeowner's insurance must be expensive if we saved them over $6,000, right?

Wrong --- what happens is that the savings were retro-active to 2008. So, it all added up to over $6,000.

Do I mean that the insurance company wrote them a check?  Yes, that is correct.

Not only, did they receive a 25% discount on this year’s premium, but got a refund for the last 3 years as well. BTW, this insurance company is  Wally Burbage & Associates

Now, not everyone will get the full 25%, but most people will get something if the home was built after 2003.

Benefits of the program:
  • Save up to 25% on homeowner’s insurance or commercial building insurance

  • Discounts are retroactive to 2008 or for as long as you have had the policy (this is true with most insurance companies, but not all)

  • Inspections ordered by Sellers can be transferred to Buyers in order for them to receive insurance discounts

  • Insurance Discounts will allow more people to qualify for a mortgage to buy the home and have a lower monthly payment

  • Insurance Discounts apply to owner-occupied and includes non-owner occupied, and commercial properties!

  • Discounts vary by insurance companies so it is important to work with a company that can get you the most discounts, Wally Burbage & Associates

  1. call 1-800-919-2427 to register to get a home inspection
    1. cannot be just any home inspector -- must a SC Safe Home certified inspector
  2. have the inspection
    1. cost is $150 --price is controlled for the state of SC
  3. the SC Safe Home inspector will get you a certificate and send in the paperwork to your insurance company
  4. you just sit back and wait for your check

What does the inspector look for?

Features of construction that reduce wind damage and loss  

  • doors
  • windows
  • roof deck attachment
  • roof covering
  • secondary water resistance
  • roof to wall connection

photo of a home showing a hip roof


Interesting fact --- a hip roof on a home almost always qualifies for some type of discount.

What is a hip roof?  A roof that has 4 sides with all sides coming together at the top.




Call 1-800-919-2427 to get started on obtaining your discounts or you can email me at:


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Kim Peasley-Parker says...
on 06/20/11

This program is very interesting and something every home owner in South Carolina should look into. I plan to have my home inspected.

Liz Loadholt says...
on 06/11/11

Thanks, Boyd -- this is just so exciting for our public.

Boyd says...
on 06/11/11

That is very interesting and valuable information!

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