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There has been a lot of "things" running through my head lately. My first reaction to all of it is “tell me it isn’t so”.
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First of all, we had the set back with Liza and her being in the hospital for 4 days -- that was a couple of weeks ago, now. They discovered that she had an auto immune disease -- Pyroderma Gangrenosum  --result of the cancer -- she is doing really well this week -- she feels good and looks good.

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 Secondly, last Friday night, our grandson (14 year old) was playing rugby with his friends and one of his friends accidentally hit him in the head -- he passed out and when he came to, did not remember his friends' names or how he even got to the friend's house. Liza took him to the emergency room where they did a brain scan -- good news - there was no bleeding -- so, for several days, he has had headaches -- his memory is all back now and he is feeling better.
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                                                                                                                                                     Thirdly, our son had a mole taken off of his upper leg -- the lab results came back -- it was a melanoma --- ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The doctor had to go back in and cut more out just to be sure that he got it all --- the good

news is that we caught this really early and it had not gone deep.


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                                                                                                                                                               Fourthly, our granddaughter (7 yrs old) had to have 2 molar teeth pulled because her gums were not letting her baby teeth fall out (she has a gum problem what won't allow the teeth to fall out) -- this was traumatic for her ---- and for her parents --- and for her grandmother.


With all of this “stuff” that our family had had going on, I wonder “why” --- what is the purpose?  I do believe that everything happens for a reason -- am just trying to figure out the reason ---- 

What it has done is make the family even closer than before -- it has made me realize that we (Boyd & Me) can handle a lot -- we are tough and when there is love, all else seems trivial.

So, when the next hiccup comes along, I will still be saying “tell me it isn’t so”.

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