The Bell Has Rung

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Yes, the bell rang for Liza. 

the bell at Roper Radiation Center with the plaque
photo of Liza ringing the bell
Well, today at 1:00 pm, Liza had her last radiation treatment -- as is ceremonial at Roper Radiation Center, the patient rings the bell signifying that she/he has completed their radiation treatment.






photo of Boyd Loadholt, Claude Loadholt & Art Valero at Roper Radiation Center
photo of Claude Loadholt & Eliza Valero at the Roper Radiation Center
The family was there to show support and to celebrate with her. This was indeed a veryemotional time and a very joyous time for all of us.




She had the biggest smile on her face after her treatment -- the first smile I have seen in several weeks.

Now, we begin the healing process which we understand from her doctor is a long process -- however, we don’t care -- we just know that today the healing can begin.
photo of Liza Valero , Eliza Valero and nurses at the Roper Radiation Center



The staff down at the Roper Radiation Center is awesome -- Liza said they always went over and above their jobs -- they are so caring -- if one has to go through this, it is certainly nice to have nurses, technicians and staff that are pleasant and most competent. The family thanks the staff for taking such good care of our daughter.



photo of radiation treatment room at Roper Hospital
photo of the waterfall in the treatment room at Roper Radiation Center



I hope that none of you get to experience the radiation room at Roper Hospital in Charleston SC, but if one needs radiation, there cannot be a nicer place to receive it.  They call it the "oasis" -- waterfall and soothing music.




The big issue of the afternoon for me is “what can I cook for dinner as her celebration dinner?”

On the road to happiness and feeling good -------



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Liza Valero says...
on 05/24/11

Everyone's love and kindness has been overwhelming. It was (is) a difficult road, but everything has a silver lining and what I have learned about people and the capacity that they have to give has been invaluable. Thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayer, positive energy and I promise to do my best everyday to pay it forward.

Betty Pigott says...
on 05/22/11

So excited for Liza! I have much to look forward to although the coming months won't be as much fun. I will anticpate "ringing" the bell and join the ranks of folks completing treatment plans.

Way to go Liza!

Liz Loadholt says...
on 05/22/11

Betty --- I'm sure this post hit you hard -- sorry about that -- I have had you on my mind so much -- have been wanting to call you but not wanting to "bother" you. Liza has asked me several times about you, too.If it is OK, I would like to call you.

Bitsy Foster says...
on 05/20/11

Ah, Liz, this has been a hard time for you all. I hope the healing goes well. You are all in my thoughts. Bitsy

Liz Loadholt says...
on 05/21/11

Bitsy -- you are so sweet -- you and Anson have been so good to Liza and her family -- your surprise Pizza's were a huge hit -- that was so very thoughtful of you -- we appreciate you.

Kim Peasley-Parker says...
on 05/20/11

This is such an exciting day! I am so proud of Liza and so happy for your family! Can barely wait until we have our Liza back!

Liz Loadholt says...
on 05/21/11

Thanks, Kim -- Today, Saturday, is the first day that Liza has been out of bed except to go to the hospital for treatment in over 2 weeks -- she is up and says she feels much better -- still a ways to go, but she has come a long way. Thanks for your love and support.

Celina Gleason says...
on 05/20/11

I'm SOOOOOOO excited for Liza!! Tell her I ran through my office looking for a bell to ring on her behalf!! Couldn't find one so I just shouted out a "Thank you Lord!" I believe Its all gonna get better from here! - Celina

Liz Loadholt says...
on 05/20/11

Thanks, Celie -- we are a happy family today and we are praising the Lord.

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