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SC Safe Home -- What does this mean?

If you have a SC Safe Home, you may qualify for discounts up to 25% on your homeowners insurance policy.

How does one find out if their home is a SC Safe Home?
  • get a copy of the declaration page of your homeowners insurance policy
  • determine the year your home was built and or the year of renovations
  • email this information to me and I can get a SC certified safe home inspector to take a look to see if it is worthwhile to have a safe home inspection
    • if it appears to be worthwhile
      • order a safe home inspection (cost of $150) from Alpha Safe Home Inspectors
      • Alpha Safe Home Inspectors will issue you a certificate for you to present to your insurance carrier.

Yes, SC passed a law in 2007 that included the Safe Home Act.

Some facts about a SC Safe Home:
  • all insurance carriers offer some type of discount.
  • the amount and type of discounts vary according to the insurance company.House showing a hip roof
  • Wally Burbage & Associates offer up to 25% discounts.
  • if you have a “hip” roof, you definitely qualify for some type of discount. 
  • this is for the entire state of South Carolina.
  • best kept secret
  • a new home discount declines each year, but a Safe Home Discount does not.
  • a Safe Home certificate can go from seller to buyer (for one year).
  • if your home qualifies for a discount, insurance company must pay the discount retroactive to 2008.

Is this for real?  Absolutely!!! Daughter just had her inspection and withtin 10 days, she had a check which covered her premium for the entire year.
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