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Watch the Weight Fall

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Date: Sat, Apr 9th 2011 4:09 pm


Do I like to watch the weight fall?  It is so much fun to watch the scales pointer to go down each week.  Well, not every week,Scales with a woman's feet on itbut most weeks.  

This adventure started around the 2nd week of January 2011 -- when I was having difficulty fastening my size 14 clothes . I made the decision to join Weight Watchers.

Since I am only 5’3”, I decided that I needed to take a serious look at where I was -- not just for looks, but for my health also.

Yes, I am big boned --- (smile) -- don’t we all feel like we are big boned when we gain a lot of weight?

If I write about this adventure, I am less likely to quit -- I need to stay on track with this.

Actually, I am very proud that during my length of time, I have not gained at any single week -- did have one week when I weighed exactly the same.

My original goal was just to get off 10% -- then when I got there, I realized that this was not nearly enough.  Weight Watchers say that I need to lose at least 40.2 lbs ---

As of April 9, 2011, I have lost 23 lbs. ---am more than half way there --only 17.2 more lbs. to go.

So, yes, to watch the weight fall is so delightful -- just plain fun.
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