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Jeremy Blanton of 210 Consulting recently held a webinar for AgentOwned Realty on "Blogging for Real Estate Leads".210 Consulting logo and Jeremy Blanton & Jason Crouch

It was excellent, by the way.

There are a few things that I wanted to reiterate:

  • blog posts should be between 300 and 800 words
  • always have at least 2 photos
  • lists (such as this one) are always good
  • use short paragraphs -- is so much easier to read
  • remember that the average reading level in the universe is 5th grade level
  • write in simple terms -- not real estate slang
  • be yourself -- write like you speak
  • be human
  • be consistent 

Now,  I can share with you a easy way to know how many words you have written -- for example, I'm at 114 words now -- No, I did not sit down and count every word.  

Active Rain logo There is this wonderful website that is called  "Word count tool" -- I use it a lot -- first learned about this on Active Rain.

Active Rain is an outstanding blogging site for real estate folks -- especially sales agents.  On Active Rain:

  • you will meet so many real estate agents from all over the world
  • you will build relationships -- I have friends all over the US whom I have never met face to face
  • you will receive referrals
  • you have a great source for sending outgoing referrals
  • you can learn sooooo much from other bloggers

As Jeremy indicated, there are many different blogging platforms -- you just need to choose one and do it. 

I began my blogging career on Active Rain, but now in addition to Active Rain, I have my own blog on MamaLiz.

You may think that no one is reading your blog and then one day, you get a phone call because someone has been following your blog.  They want to buy or sell property.

The more successful blog sites (in my opinion) are ones that are specific about a particular subdivision or a particular type of buyer (first time, luxury, etc) -- on these sites you will, of course, want to include many hyper-local posts.

What are hyper-local posts?  Those written about close by restaurants, grocery stores, auto shops, etc.  You get the picture.

So, good luck with your blog site.


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Comments (4)

Kim says...
on 06/01/11

Thank you for the notes Mama Liz. Do either you or Jeremy have a source for photos to add to your posts. I seem to always struggle with this.


Liz Loadholt says...
on 06/01/11

Kim -- thanks so much for stopping by --- I use http://www.istockphoto.com/ --- you have to purchase them, but they are not that expensive ---

Liz Loadholt says...
on 06/01/11

Thanks, Jer and again, thank you so much for the webinar -- hope you get some business from it.

Jeremy says...
on 05/31/11

Good recap Mama Liz!

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