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photo of Liza and Art Valero before cancer


Man of the Hour -- Art Valero

It has been on my mind for awhile now that I write about my son-in-law, Art Valero.

He has been and is such a trooper -- with Liza being so sick.




For those who have not kept up, you can read:


To have your wife diagnosed with breast cancer and for it to be found in her lymph nodes is devastating  -- Boyd, Art & I were sitting with Liza when she got the news --  we were all just devastated.

To have your wife go thru a double mastectomy, chemo and now radiation is not easy -- certainly not easy on Liza, but very difficult for Art as well.  Too often, we tend to dwell on Liza and forget about Art.  He needs our love, prayers and support, too.

Art has taken over the task of keeping the house clean, doing the laundry (which is no easy task with 2 teenage boys and a 7 year girl), cooking, getting the children ready for school, being sure that the children have what they need, and being sure that Liza has what she needs. Some days, he would make several trips in an afternoon to the pharmacy picking up medication for Liza. 

photo of Art Valero paintingWho is this Art Valero?  He is an artist -- and a very good one at that.  In the past he has done “illustrator work”, but now focuses more on paintings . He says “In November 2007 I began working on personal paintings again. I wanted to pick up where I had left off 15 years ago and put together a body of work to sell through galleries. These paintings are different than my illustration work in that they are not made to interpret the written word but instead interpret myself.”

Anyone interested in seeing his work and knowing more about this unique individual, click here: Art Valero 


photo of Art with his daughter Eliza



But obviously, Art Valero is a father & husband first, then an artist.




Much of the time during Chemo and radiation, Liza has not been pleasant to be around -- she has felt badly and therefore has been “grumpy” -- am sure she was harder on Art than anyone else (although she has snapped at me a few times).  He has been so very patient with her-- he is so concerned that she get what she needs and that she gets well.

Art has taken such excellent care of Liza.  It has been a blessing that he does not have a 9-5 job that would take him away from home everyday.

You maybe saying that this is what any husband would do --- maybe so, but I’m not sure about that --

Even so, I am so proud of Art and so pleased that he is my son-in-law. It means so much to Boyd & me to have a son-in-law like Art who is so good to our daughter.

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Liz Loadholt says...
on 05/21/11

Thank you, Anson --- I appreciate your comments about Art -- he is a "doll" -- Also, I appreciate your commenting here on the original post rather than on Facebook.

Anson Beckman says...
on 05/21/11

I agree with Liz. Art is agood great friend and has been so strong through this whole thing and has really stepped up to the plate. I'm with Liz, not sure how many men would really do all that he has done.

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