Why a Final Walk-through?

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Why a Final Walk-through?

Walk-through inspection    What is the final walk-through? 

It is the time before the closing for the new buyers to walk through their new home with their REALTOR to be sure everything is the way it is supposed to be.

If repairs were Requested

If there were repairs to be completed on the home, those repairs should be checked out by the same home inspector who did the original inspection on the home. This will typically be done days before the closing. Then the morning of the closing, the buyers and their REALTOR should walk through the home. If at all possible, they should go on the day of the closing. If they go the day before and the house is empty, all kinds of things could happen that night after they have been through the home. 

Example of what can happen

REALTOR and buyers do the final walk-through the day before the closing. This new home was a townhouse.  The buyers were going to be working the day of the closing and would not have the time to see the home just before closing.  The REALTOR being a real professional knew the benefit of going through the home just before closing. So, the REALTOR went by on her way to the closing. When the REALTOR opened the door to the townhome, there was water everywhere.  A pipe had burst upstairs during the night and flooded the entire downstairs. Now can you imagine how those buyers would have felt if they had closed without knowing this?  End of story, the townhouse was cleaned and dried out to the satisfaction of the buyers and they closed the next week.

   Final Walk-through 15 items to check on the final walk-through 

The buyers want to be sure

  1. all outlets and switches work properly.
  2. the light fixtures all work properly
  3. the faucets all work properly.
  4. the toilets all flush and work properly.
  5. there are no leaks.
  6. there is hot water.
  7. the appliances in the kitchen all work.
  8. the countertops have not been damaged.
  9. the windows all open and shut. 
  10. the HVAC works properly.
  11. there are no signs on the ceiling of leaks.
  12.  the garage doors opener(s) work properly.
  13. all landscaping that was to be left has been left.
  14.  that all work that was supposed to be done is completed.
  15.  that everything that was supposed to be left is there.

   Walk through  A final walk-through is critical
With the above list, one should actually check out each item. For example, run the dishwasher, flush all the toilets, turn on the HVAC, etc.  The buyers should satisfy themselves that the house is the same as they were expecting.

Real Estate Agents at the walk-through?

It is essential that the real estate agent be at the final walk-through with the buyers. The REALTOR is trained to know what to look for and to advise their buyers on how to conduct the walk-through.

Do Not Close

If the buyers find something wrong on the walk-though, they should not close until that has been corrected.  Never go to closing without being perfectly satisfied with the home you are purchasing.  This is a big investment and you need to be happy.

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