Why Do I take Mugshots Almost Daily?

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Why do I take mugshots almost daily? This is a very interesting question -- at least, it is one that I have asked myself many times.

A good social friend Jeremy Blanton of 210 Consulting has suggested that I stop and spend that time on some other type of social media.

Well, I thought that for awhile and did stop for a short time.  Then, the next thing I know, I'm at it again.  I rationalize that it really does not take much time at all -- it is quick and painless.


Liz mugshot in July 2009


When did I start this foolishness? Well, in looking back, my very first mugshot was 7-15-2009 -- almost 2 years ago to the  day -- 




Liz mugshot July 2010



Then July 2010.



Liz Loadholt mugshot July 2011


Obviously, I am not taking these daily, because my mugshot today was only my 407th and I have been doing this for 2years -- daily mugshots would have me at 730 --



Well, I have not come up with any good reason for taking so many mugshots -- here are some ideas:

  • because there are very few photos of me in our family photos -- why? because I'm the one who is always taking the photos.

photo of JO Patterson


  • I inherited this desire -- my father always enjoyed having his photo taken -- he always enjoyed looking at himself in the mirror.


  • to keep my family, whom I don't get to see very often, updated
  • it helps with my SEO
  • I enjoy having fun
  • it is an interesting conversation piece
  • just because it is so easy to do
  • I'm just weird like that


For whatever reason, I'll probably continue as long as I have my webcam -- it is so easy --


Mama Liz signature with pink ribbon in the middle






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