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Just have to update everyone on the rebate checks that people are getting back from their insurance companies.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look at these posts:

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Our customers/clients/friends just keep getting those rebate checks--take a look at what they are getting:

Liza & Art Valero  -- $5,419

Ralph & Teri Wetherell  --  $2800

Boyd Loadholt  -- $715 for a commercial building

Claude Loadholt  --  $796.00

Pamela Witt Smith  --  $1510

Stacy Songer  -- $1187

Ed Ball -- $3420

Lauren & Chris Magaldi -- $1800


Don't you want to join this group?

Check out   SC Safe Properties

You can order a SC Safe Home inspection by completing the below form:

SC Safe Home Program Order Form  


Call 1-800-919-2427   or  843-725-5003

or email:

Hip Roof --Hip Roof guarantees you some sort of discount --- when I am driving down the road, I look at every building and home as I pass it -- I cannot believe how many commercial buildings and homes have hip roofs --

one side of a commercial building showing a hip roof

      another side of commercial building with hip roof This is a commercial building with a hip roof.


Hope your name will appear in my next post regarding the SC Safe Home Act.

BTW, it is for the entire state of SC -- and Alpha Safe Home Inspectors has inspectors all over the state.


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