One Stop Shop

So, what is a One-Stop-Shop?  It is where you can get everything you need to purchase a property in one spot -- AgentOwned Realty.



    The below businesses are the typical ones that you will need when purchasing a home -- maybe not all of them, but certainly some of them.

    Our One-Stop-Shop benefits you by:

    Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance, Attorney, Title Insurance, Home Warranty, and Business Brokerage are all here at AgentOwned Realty in-house in all of our locations.

    Real Estate:                       large group of agents

    AgentOwned Realty has 13 office locations throughout SC to assist you with the most professional and knowledgeable REALTORS.

    Prosperity Home Mortgage

    Prosperity Home Mortgage is dedicated to bringing you the best customer service and value possible. They have all the types of loans that are out there and have very competitive rates and they give outstanding service.

    Wally Burbage and Associates Insurance:

    This is a full-fledged Allstate Insurance Company that offers all the types of insurance from home to autos - life insurance.
    The relationship with AgentOwned Realty helps to make our REALTORS more knowledgeable about the homeowner's insurance. This is a must for your real estate transaction.

    Alliance Insurance Services:

    This is an insurance broker -- they deal with roughly 30 different insurance companies. By having this independent insurance broker and the Allstate, we can certainly offer our customers and clients an excellent rate.

    Global Home Warranty USA:
    You will be better protected by this one year home warranty should you have appliances that fail on your during that first year. Ask you REALTOR about the one year warranty.

    Alliant National Title Insurance, Chicago Title Insurance:

    If you are getting a mortgage, you will be required to obtain lender title insurance. We highly recommend that everyone obtain the owner's title insurance in addition to the lender required policy. There are just too many horror stories of folks who did not get the owner's title insurance and wished that they had. Click here to see examples of why you need to get title insurance.

    In SC, an attorney must be involved in the closing of your home. At AgentOwned Realty, we have a list of approved closing attorneys. 

    If you choose one of AgentOwned Realty's Title Insurance Approved Attorney to do the closing on your new home, you are selecting AgentOwned Realty's Title Insurance. We write Alliant National Title Insurance as well as Chicago Title Insurance. We offer our customers and clients Re-issue Credit for title insurance. For more information on Re-issue Credit, click here.

    Click here for a list of Approved Attorneys

    Sunbelt Business Brokerage:

    AgentOwned Realty teamed up with the world's largest business brokerage firm, Sunbelt, to bring you their services in our locations. If you want to buy or sell a business that does not have real estate with it, such as a restaurant in a leased space in a strip mall, AgentOwned can help. Our dedicated business broker, MIke Wilson, is waiting to help with all your questions.