What is Required to Get a Broker's License

For a broker’s license                   Broker-in-charge SC real estate license

* completion of 150 hours, 90 hours of which may be the hours required for a salesman’s license, of classroom instruction in advanced real estate principles and practices and related topics,

* and three years of an active license within the past five years with a salesman’s license or evidence submitted to the Department of a Juris Doctor, Bachelor of Laws degree, or a baccalaureate degree with a major in real estate from an accredited college or university.

* Experience There is no licensed experience requirement for a sales examination. For a broker’s examination, however, the law requires three or more years of active licensure within the last five years preceding application.

* To receive recognition for out-of-state experience, the applicant must obtain a Certification of Licensure, including history, education, and disciplinary action from the real estate regulatory agency (commission, board, etc.) of all other states where he/she is or has been licensed before applying for the examination.


The South Carolina Real Estate Commission — 803-896-4400