"I have not written many testimonials, but if I am going to write one, Mama Liz is one of the top five people I would choose to write about. When I heard about Mama's website update and then took a look at her page, I couldn't leave without writing something. I am truly thankful for the day I decided to hang my license at AgentOwned Realty. I made the decision very likely for the same reason that many others did, and that's due to the first impression from Mama Liz. At that time she was Liz Loadholt, broker in charge, and her reputation had not made itself known to me yet. However, her first impression left an indelible mark, and you don't need a second impression with Mama, because what you see is what you get. Her respect for others came across very clearly as did her strength. She stands for what is right at all times no matter who is involved and she works harder than anyone else to uphold that standard. She has worked in the real estate industry longer than anyone I know and still works at learning more than all those around her who have half the experience. You may not always want to hear what she has to say, but you can trust that it is honest, ethical, and researched. I am one of a large group of agents who have benefited from her immense knowledge base, not to mention the way she will go to battle for our clients when needed. She always works to rectify any wrongdoing and holds those around her accountable to her standard. I am personally impressed every single day I am around her at the way she seems to accomplish more in one day than most people do in three. Watching her and learning from her has encouraged me to expect more from myself. I believe she will always be one of the most influential people I will have had the pleasure of knowing."

~ Julie Fanelli

"I moved my real estate license to AgentOwned Realty in 2014. In my first year in the business (1999) I heard about Liz Loadholt and her very strong background in real estate sales & training. Over the following years, I have heard many stories reflecting how strong her character is, as well as how strong her integrity is.
I have always been impressed by the fact that she really cares for her agents and shows it consistently day after day. Since I became associated with AgentOwned Realty, I have been deeply impressed with her knowledge of the business as well as her professionalism." ~ Jim Mills

"Liz is one of the most knowledgable Brokers that I have come trusted in my 34 year RealEstate career. She may be 220 miles way but I know I can call on her for her assistance in any concerns that come my way. Thank you Mama Liz." ~ Greaton Sellers, Realtor with Beverly-Hanks Realtors, Saluda, NC

"My name is Rod Weader, an agent with AgentOwned Realty. I would like to let you know what a great person Liz Loadholt has been in my life. She has not only been a great person in my life as to serving my personal life needs but as a Real Estate Broker and owner Liz has been the very best. Whether I was working directly with her at AgentOwned or when I worked with another company, I knew I could always count on Liz. I have known Liz for over 35 years and her ethics and knowledge of the Real Estate profession is phenomenal. She is the type of person who is always striving to make life better for everyone. She has always been in pursuit of bettering her skills and the skills of her agents and administrative personnel. This is why her company has grown the way it has; by leaps and bounds. So, Liz, I take my hay off to you and I just want to thank you so much for all you have done for me and my family." ~ Rod Weader, Realtor

"You are an incredible instructor. Your voice is perfection and your lessons are clear and distinct. Great job and thank you." ~ Candy, Realtor

"Mama Liz is a wonderful Broker. She teaches you how to get started in Real Estate. Also, she will always be at your side in helping you with anything that comes up that you need help with. Just call or text her, and she responds. Always positive, and in her words, everything is Wonderful Wonderful" ~ Sandra Yates, Realtor

"There is so much that I can say about Mama Liz. Mama Liz is an awesome broker. From the time I met her, she has been such an inspiration to me. She truly cares about her agents and doesn't hesitate to show it. She encourages us to want to become great agents, and she refuses to allow us to miss any opportunity to learn what it takes to not only make it but to also stand out in the real estate industry. It's hard to feel like just a number among the many AgentOwners because of the way Mama Liz goes above and beyond by writing personal notes, emails, and will sometimes even call (especially when she doesn't see us). She is in every way our Mama: She is a good role model. She sets boundaries and rules (for our own good). She is respectful, supportive, loving, and patient. I am extremely grateful for being a part of her AgentOwned Realty family. She's not just a broker; she is our Mama Liz!" ~ Shawnda Asby, Realtor

"As an agent with no prior real estate experience, there is no one who could have taught me the business better than Liz Loadholt. She is by far and away the most knowledgeable broker in the Charleston area. Mama Liz gives 100% dedication and personal attention to each of her agents. I have never felt like a number at AgentOwned. Mama Liz has always treated me like family." ~ Erin Eisele

"Mama Liz is an amazing teacher. I always really appreciate how easily reachable she is and how much effort she puts into knowing the sales contract back to front. Always a pleasure to speak to and always knows who to reach out to when I have a problem she can not solve. AgentOwned has been my first real estate brokerage and my lifetime brokerage!" ~ Danielle Mongrain, Realtor

"Liz and Boyd have created an amazing organization at AgentOwned Realty and brought in some of the very best team members in Charleston. Family owned and it truly feels like we're all family." ~ Don Partick, Realtor

"Liz Loadholt has been tested by time. She runs a good show and I can always count on AgentOwned to do it right." ~ Mark W. Weeks, Esq.

"Mama Liz Loadholt is one of the best in the business! She is a great Teacher, Leader, and Realtor. She has a great servant’s heart and leads by serving those around her. Mama Liz has a passion for teaching, making sure everyone in the Real Estate business knows how to be the best Realtors they can be. I love taking her classes, as she teaches the subjects well, while, at the same time, brings fun and humor to the class. When a new Real Estate Agent asks me where I think they should start their careers in Charleston, where they will get the best training, Mama Liz and AgentOwned are one of the top ones on my list!" ~ Jon Stroud, Realtor

"Mama Liz is a wonderful, licensed educator. She keeps us up to date with all the current laws and documents and is always available when a question arises. Ethics and morals are at the top of her list. She’s very well respected in the business which makes me proud to say she’s my broker." ~ Donna Andreano, Realtor

"I met Mama Liz a couple of years ago. Since then, we have worked together on legal training for her agents. I find Mama Liz to be professional, honest, straightforward, and an all-around great person. My experience with her agents has been exceptional. They are knowledgeable about real estate and eager to learn new trends in the industry. I simply love working with them on agent training. I would highly recommend Mama Liz and any of her agents to handle the sale of your house or the purchase of a new home. " ~ Beth Santilli, Esq.

"Liz Loadholt is one of the most upstanding, hardcore go-getters I have ever met. She is married to ethics and integrity like no professional I have ever worked with and is an exemplary educator in the real estate field. Liz is one of the most trusted leaders in the real estate industry in South Carolina and I count it an honor to work under her leadership." ~ Celina Gleason, Realtor