Why should you become a real estate agent?

Real Estate is the profession that I’ve been practicing since 1976.

I can tell you that becoming a real estate agent is a refreshing and rewarding career.

Here's why:

  1. You have complete control of your time
  2. You control your destiny
  3. You control your salary
  4. You get to help people

You have complete control of your time.

As a licensed real estate agent, you make your own schedule. As your own boss, you decide if you are going to work today or tomorrow. If you have children at home, being a real estate agent allows you to make your own schedule so you can be home to take children to events and enjoy more time with your family. You don’t have to take time off from a 9-5 job to have your personal appointments. You have complete control of your work schedule.

You control your destiny.

Studying for your real estate license is very important to pass the exam. But, once you get your real estate license, you decide whether you’re going to be successful or not. You decide how much you will learn about being a real estate agent and the real estate industry. You decide how much you are going to assist customers/clients. You decide on your future.

You control your salary.

One of my favorite expressions is “the harder you work, the luckier you get.” No one knows how hard you are going to work and how much effort you will put into becoming a great real estate agent but you. Becoming a successful real estate agent requires dedication and a lot of work. You need to set hours for yourself -- but as I mentioned before, these hours can be much more flexible as a real estate agent than other 9-5 jobs. 

You get to help people.

To me, this is one of the best parts of this profession. When people are purchasing a home, it is a huge investment, and they need someone to guide them thru the process. This is the big reason why you should learn everything possible about the real estate business -- why extensive training is critical even after obtaining your real estate license. Also, with real estate, maybe you are selling a home for a couple who cannot really afford the full commission that you normally charge—as an agent, you can reduce their commission ---you are assisting someone that truly needs your help.

You will never find a better career than real estate if you like to help people and make money at the same time.

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